Healthcare providers today are under immense pressure. They need to provide the highest standard of care, sometimes with limited resources, and deliver it in a high-pressure, high-stakes environment, while at the same time continuing to create a positive experience for the patient.

At Teva, we believe that caring for a patient is about more than just medicine.

Healthcare should be holistic, and the patient experience should incorporate empathy, humanity, dignity and compassion. We believe in quality of life for patients. We believe in providing care with head and with heart.

Going the extra mile can have a huge impact on the lives of patients and their families.

That’s why we created the annual Teva Humanizing Health Awards, to recognize and celebrate the healthcare initiatives that are creating better lives and offering better care for patients.

Every year, our employees have the opportunity to vote for an initiative run by an organization in their market. One they believe embodies a more humane approach to care. Whether they create beautiful environments for their patients to recover in, use small touches to make patients feel at home, or provide other holistic support to patients and their families, alongside meeting medical needs, we believe all these organizations are inspiring better healthcare.

How do we do this? We seek out the best healthcare initiatives within Teva’s markets. Our employees vote for the initiative they think best demonstrates humanity when delivering care for patients. And the voting process results in a group of Humanizing Health winners, all of them responsible for dynamic, supportive and inspiring initiatives that go the extra mile for patients every day.